“Women as a inspiration for art and art of women as a source of inspiration” 


Final Deadline June 30, 2021

 winners will be announced on September 1,2021 ! 

Thank you all artist for your participation



International competition Female art Inspo 2021


is made for women artist in the following categories :

no theme

photography, painting, drawing, graphic art, digital art, mixed media 


for women and men category the Theme is


"Art  in Covid-19"


and the last category for men is

“Women’s world through men’s eyes”. 



Artist who will be Awarded in the competition will take part in the Online Exhibition .

 (unfortunately specific gallery will no be chosen based on the situation with Covid-19 in Czech Republik )


and their art will be evaluated by professional artist.


The overall winner will have  the expenses connected to one week stay in the apartment Artist  that is based in the middle of Old Prague paid. 

alice bochnakova



katerina janisova

Katerina Janisova

rasto andrys



michaela schmucker

Michaela Schmucker

Pavel Janouskovec

Pavel Janouskovec

Let me introduce our Jury